About us

About us

“Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc, Sofia is the only Bulgarian company, operating the whole range of activities such as prospecting, exploration, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, as well as processing of crude oil to final p­roducts offered on the market.


      “Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc is the successor of the main geological, research and production companies and establishments of the oil industry in Bulgaria with a history of more than 50 years.

      Currently Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc is a public company, operating all the active oil fields on the territory of the country and providing job for more than 700 highly- qualified engineers, geologists, geophysicists, economists and production experts in the oil industry.
“Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc has been granted and operates twelve concession agreements for oil and/or gas production, while it is also the holder of three permits for oil and gas prospecting and exploration.

      The expert staff of “Oil and Gas exploration and production” Plc has a record  of long-term experience and successful results, achieved both within the territory of Bulgaria and abroad, while carrying out various oil projects in Libya (oil concessions NC-100 “Ghadames” and NC-101 “Murzuq”), Syria, Iraq, etc.

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