“Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery” Ltd was incorporated as a sole proprietor limited liability company in 2003 on the basis of an OGEP’s production complex unit for crude oil and condensate processing, established in 1994. The equity­ capital of the company amounts at 3 843 700 BGN.

“Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery” Ltd is a well-established producer of wide range of oil products, derived after oil and condensate processing, such as solvents for the lacquer-dyeing industry, diluents, lighting kerosene, lead-free automobile gasoline grades, diesel fuel grades, industrial gasoil, fuel for stationary burner installations, oil fuel, and boiler fuel.

“Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery” Ltd has its own chemical test laboratory, licensed to perform analysis of oil, solvents, fuel and oil products in compliance with the requirements of Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO 9001, ISO 17025.

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