Equipment and facilities

“Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” Plc produces more than 280 oil and gas wells, located in the following fields:
Oil/Gas Field­ Number of wells Method
Dolni Dubnik
  • Oil accumulation, Middle Triassic
  • Gas condensate accumulation, Upper Triassic


Deep-well bull pumps Blowout, Deep- well bull pump
Gorni Dubnik oil field 4 Deep- well bull pumps
Dolni Lukovit oil field 6 Deep- well bull pumps
Staroseltzi oil field 2 Deep- well bull pumps
Bardarski Geran oil field 1 Deep- well bull pumps
Marinov Geran gas - condensate field 1 Blowout
Selanovtzi oil field 4 Deep- well bull pumps
Butan gas- condensate field 1 Blowout
Tjulenovo oil field 250 Blowout, deep- well and air-lift pumps
Bulgarevo gas- condensate field 4 Blowout
Durankulak gas-condensate field 1 Blowout

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